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The Mondrian Dress, The Vogue Pattern by Yves St Laurent and it's Imitators

I am a huge fan of the Mondrian Dress. I have never worn one. I have, however, made some from size one toddlers to size eight girls using this great PDF pattern that I found on Etsy years ago. That later in the post.

Butterick 3886 is available at is an easy alternative to piecing a color block dress together. Appliqued ribbons or strips of contrasting fabric create the grid patterns.

I L-O-V-E this dress! I want this dress!! McCall's 6792 is Easy to Make with Dolman Sleeves and very simple lines.

You can find it at Redcurlzs!

Mrs. Depew Vintage has this Vogue pattern from 1967 with contrast neckline, hem, sleeve bands, and front center seam.

Vogue 6737 is a true classic.

Feeling bold? Vogue 8137 is for you! Wide, bold, color blocking on both the dress and jacket makes this a stand-out choice. Visit The Gingham Life to see this pattern and more.

Now to veer off track a little bit. I used to have a handmade children's clothing Etsy shop. I wanted to do a Mondrian type dress for little ones and started searching for patterns. Eventually, I found this one from Popolok.

I jumped for joy, bought it, printed it, and pieced it together. I made one to see how it went and was pleasantly surprised. It was fun to make!

This pattern, The Momo Dress by Popolok Patterns, is very well written, includes a lot of images to guide you, the pages all tape together well, and it is easy. - Once you get the hang of it!

Here are a few images of a few of the dresses that I have made using this pattern.

The Momo dress is a classic brightly colored Color Block Dress in a Mondrian Style. The black grid on the front and solid black back mimic the classic.

The entire dress was topstitched on the black grids. It added to the higher end look of the dress.

The dress was also fully lined.

Here is a dress front almost complete.

A completed tiny Mondrian dress. So adorable! I wish I had a picture of a child in one.

As you can see, people chose what colors they wanted and where they wanted them. I also offered matching solid-color diaper covers for the smaller sizes.

Have you ever made a Color Block Dress? If you have, tell us how it went!

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Unknown member
Oct 07, 2023

Great dress! Reminiscent of another "vintage" image: the Partridge Family's tour bus!

Unknown member
Oct 08, 2023
Replying to

I believe you bought one or two of these as gifts for new baby girls!


Oct 05, 2023

Love these! And that tiny dress you made, soooo cute! I can't sew straight, LOL, so mine might not turn out so well...

--Sherri from Sew Betty and Dot


Unknown member
Oct 05, 2023

Love the little girls version of the dress! I have never made one myself - yet.. There are some pretty nice ones to choose from though so maybe it's time to give it a shot!

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