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A Hay Ride of Vintage Sewing Patterns

I grew up in Ohio, going on hayrides. Couples snuggled up under scratchy woolen blankets with the one they thought they would be with forever.

We bobbed for apples, and sat around a fire toasting marshmallows for smores. Nothing said autumn more. Let's take a look back at those days and maybe at the present day. I live in Southern California now. It's not the same when it's 85 degrees out. Do they still do hayrides? Bob for apples? Please let me know!

Let's start with men and boys! Why? They're easy! Get your flannel and denim out! has this classic Men's casual button front shirt that is perfect for flannel.

In case you didn't figure it out, I'm talking about the

plaid version. The Shirt Jacket. Make it in flannel or a nicer version, a fine Pendleton Wool. You'll find Simplicity 1025 at

Another choice for the men could be this western/cowboy shirt. Whether you make it of flannel or cotton, make sure he has a hat to go with it! This is Simplicity 7698 and if you are quick, it can be yours at The Gingham Life

Oh, guys - just a hint - Bring a Blanket!!

Boys on a wagon full of hay? Who had that great idea?

Well, they may as well look nice for a few minutes.

What a great choice! This is Butterick 4455 Jacket and Pants.

Candy Goeller Patterns has this 1970s classic available right now.

Now, Who is the Hayride really for? Teens and young couples! So, Here is a pattern for Young Men and Teens. Butterick 6797 is for pullover tees and sweatshirts. Any of the long sleeved ones would be great for the Hayride! You can find this pattern at The Vintage Pattern Market.

In the days before hayrides became

horror shows, ladies accompanied their dates on to snuggle under blankets, steal kisses, so on and so forth. A lady might wear this smart Military Coat from 1917 to stay warm. Mrs Depew offers this in a 38 bust in PDF format.

In the 1950s, ladies, both young and old, dressed for the occasion. A party dress was always worn for a date. A cardigan over the shoulders and the outfit is complete!

This gorgeous Cowl Neck Dress is available

at Ginny's Vintage Patterns in a 32 Bust.

For the younger set, this Junior sized dresses pattern is just perfect for a Hayride! Butterick 9297 can be found in one of my favorite shops, Sew Betty & Dot



Now this, The World Traveler's Jacket by Revival Designed, looks cozy enough to cuddle up with! Button the collar and pull it up around your ears and stay warm on the long ride. My favorite feature of this coat, besides the embroidery, is the swing shape of the back. Plenty of room to share. ❤️

Last and definitely not least is the younger set. Kids need to be warm and comfortable. They also need clothes that hold up to whatever they dish out and a hayride can be a clothing challenge!

Below are some choices for tots to teens!

That's all for now! Visit our member's shops for all of your sewing needs. If we don't have it, we'll find it!

Happy Fall!

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Unknown member
Sep 14, 2023

I remember a hayride with a boyfriend in High School it wasn't cold out and the wagon was packed with all of our friends! It was loads of fun and we all got off with hay all over us! I also remember bobbing for apples at every fall birthday party which was a lot of fun too!

We wore jeans and sweaters with boots!


Unknown member
Sep 14, 2023

When I was growing up in Indiana, our Sunday School class went on a hayride every year that we were in Elementary School. It was always so much fun! Thanks for bringing back memories!

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