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Vogue Sewing Pattern Designers - Pride Month 2023 it's a Wrap

As June is coming to a swift end, so is Pride Month. The designers that we showcased this month were just a few of the fashion world's LGBTQ members. All of their names are familiar, some of you wear their designs whether store bought or handmade. These designers that we put in the spotlight were/are very talented. Where would we be without them? Wearing potato sacks? Possibly.

My point is, that every single person has a talent. Mine is not designing glamourous gowns nor is it writing! To prove the writing part, I can promise you some run-on sentences, some rambling and, getting off subject at least once. People are born with the talent to design. Artists, good artists, are born artists. If you have been reading this month's posts, you know that. Christian Dior was selling his sketches when he was five years old! Yves Saint Laurent was designing dresses for his sisters and mother as a teenager.

I wanted to mention that I did look for but did not find any female designers of Vogue Patterns from the 1990s or earlier that I could include in my posts. All men and all white. But I did try!


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Jun 27, 2023

Great talents!


Unknown member
Jun 26, 2023

Great series! Thanks for the insight ;)

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