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Vintage Sewing Patterns - Bottoms Up Pants!

As summer comes to a close for most people with temperatures dropping, it's time to head back to the sewing room and make some pants for yourself and the rest of the family. Whether you are sewing for yourself, your partner, or for the younger set, the style choices are almost endless! Let's take a look and see what vintage sewing patterns we can find for pants.

First up is this great pattern that I found at Alice Valentine Patterns and Fabrics. It's Vogue 1688. It's a Maternity pattern but doesn't look it. The pants are so flowy and so current! The wide legs are trendy and so comfy. Besides the great pants, the top, dress, and jacket are all great pieces to have in your wardrobe.

Or, go back in time to the early 1960s with these Cigarette Pants and Belted Tunic. I love the skinny pant look (my body however does not agree) The tunic is awesome with the sides slit to the waist. You can find this, Advance 9679 at Kinseysue on Etsy. Tip: If you have short legs make it with vertical striped fabric!

If you are young, much younger, and fitter than I, wear them with a bra top for a summer look or, for a fall/winter look, a chunky cropped sweater!

For the true Gentleman Farmer, Overalls! He can slip these on right over his business clothes. A super simple design which is great since you will need to make several pair. You will save yourself so much time! His nice clothes will stay nice, saving you on laundry. Starching those shirts isn't for the weak!!

This handy pattern is by Revival Designed. It is 1920s Overalls #1139 has such a huge selection that I had a hard time choosing! So I picked Simplicity 5512 from the 1970s.

The hip hugger, bell-bottom pants (left) are topped with a bare midriff top. This is a How to Sew Pattern and is suited for an advanced beginner.

Now, I am not a fan of pantsuits in the least however, Vogue has a way of showing you that you are dead wrong in your stubborn opinions! Sew Betty and Dot has this absolutely stunning Asian Evening Pant Suit listed in her shop right now. It is Vogue 9349. Don't wait too long, it definitely won't last!

One more thing. Where does Vogue get these women with legs up to their armpits? I have long legs but Hello! Maybe Barbie™ is their inspiration!

This pattern is Vogue 8920. These casual pants and shorts are perfect for weekends. The paper bag yoked waist and tapered legs are iconic 80s style. You can find this lovely number at The Vintage Pattern Market Ah the 80s!

I L-O-V-E these pants! The picture is hilarious! Very poor gun handling. The woman in red seems to be pointing one of her guns at her friend and, her friend is going to shoot her in the foot.

The high waisted pants are tapered to the ankle and feature a three button side closure. Mrs. Depew does it again! Available in PDF or Printed Formats.

Over at Redcurlzs on Etsy is this awesome set. Palazzo Pants and a Cowlneck Halter Top. Wear it for an elegant evening look or a poolside cocktail party. If you have an event coming up, Simplicity 5305 is what you need!

This Valentino Vogue Couturier 2551 pattern has straight-legged pants with a front zipper closing. The pattern is spectacular with several variations and multiple pieces.

Where can you find this great pattern? You can find it at The Gingham Life on Etsy.

I've enjoyed finding all of these pants patterns for you to enjoy. Whether you are shopping for Women, men, or children, there are patterns for pants there waiting for you!

Here are a few more for you to Love Top (Left to Right): Simplicity 3025 The Gingham Life

That's all for now! Make sure to check back in a couple of days for the Shop of the Month for September! (I'm a bit behind!)

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Unknown member
02. Sept. 2023

Great selections as always! Oh, I remember bell bottoms well --- my mother made several pairs for me once my high school allowed girls to wear pants. (That's how old I am!)

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