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Ugly Pattern? - It Doesn't Have to Be!

by Mary Beth from The Gingham Life

This pattern is one that I do not like getting in a shipment.

The 1970s were way too plaid! Now let's look at each component and see if it has any redeeming qualities.

First up is the Shirt-Jacket. It definitely looks better belted and, personally, I like the short sleeves better. The pants are 1970s flared at the knee. What could you do to make it more stylish?


The picture on the right is what I

came up with just making easy changes. Let me tell you what I did.

  1. I changed the scarf to a solid black (it could be any neutral color) one.

  2. I changed the belt to a simple brown leather one.

  3. I added small leather tabs to the sleeve hems and, the pockets. You could add buttons and a tab on the sleeve and a pocket flap with a button.

  4. The pants were too flared so, I narrowed the lower leg.

The moral of the story? Look past some of the less desirable design elements and restyle them in your head, on paper, or in Photoshop! These patterns are much less expensive than some of the current styles.

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