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a wedding picture 1929
My Grammie at her Wedding in 1929 (Margaret A. Sexton)

Whether you are the one getting married, or a member of the wedding party, there are so many style options to choose from. Before I begin, I wanted to share my grandmother's wedding picture from 1929. I am lucky enough to have her dress, the silk has started rotting and disintegrating before my eyes. I am doing what I can to preserve it but I just got it a month ago and it had not been stored properly until now.

Now, on to the sewing patterns.

I chose to start with an elegant, stunning 1940s dress and coordinating Trousseau suit for traveling. No matter what your style, there are vintage sewing patterns that will be a perfect match. Also, making your dress, or having it made, affords you the opportunity to have it fitted to your exact specifications. Now let's take a look at the wedding dresses and the other members of the wedding party sewing patterns and see what fits your personal style. Please leave a comment below as to which decade fits your style sense. Mix it up if you like!

The image to the left is a beautiful 1946 sewing pattern available at Butterick 3990 is for a bridal and bridesmaid dress. I love the elongated peplum that flows into a train in the back. This dress would be perfect for a formal, evening wedding. Let's find a traveling suit for the send-off at the end of the reception!

Mrs. Depew has the perfect traveling suit for this era. Late 1940s Peplum Suit This is a Draft at Home pattern. This enables you to make it fit your EXACT

measurements. Fits up to a 60-inch bust.

The 1950s McCalls 9678 brought a demure, feminine silhouette with princess seaming and a scalloped neckline. this dress is a true classic! This Classic gown is available (without the sleeve piece) at Sew Betty and Dot

A necessity for every Bride is a beautiful Hanky. Redcurlzs has several in her shop. This one is my favorite!

The 1950s, Bride's wanted to be very stylish when boarding an Aeroplane for a glamorous honeymoon destination. Vogue Couturier 177 from

Alice Valentine Fabric and Patterns was the perfect choice and still is. With a short, boxy cropped double-breasted jacket with a shaped front hem and below elbow-length sleeves over a slim skirt that lands just below the knee, it is a very stylish choice. What a perfect way to begin her new life.

Instead of going through decades of Bridal Dress Sewing Patterns, I would like to look at all of the other participants including the guests.


Typically the Bridesmaids' dresses are similar in style to the Bride's Gown. They definitely do not overshadow the Bride! The Bride is the star, the Bridesmaids are the supporting cast. Here are a few different styles of dresses to consider. Of couse the patterns shown don't cover even a fraction of the available styles!

FROM TOP LEFT: Vogue 5484 C'est Si Bon Vintage McCall's 5321 Candy Goeller Patterns Simplicity 1910 The Gingham Life

(Bottom Left) McCall's 9625 Old Patterns

(Bottom Right) Patterns Pacifica 3009 C'est Si Bon Vintage


Who doesn't love watching little ones walk down the aisle not grasping why they are there or what they are doing. At my sister's wedding my nephew, age 3, asked quite loudly "Who's God?" Luckily the priest was a family friend and chuckled.

Here are some choices for the little charmers for their trek down the aisle.

Flower Girl

From Top Left Simplicity 1507 The Gingham Life Top Right Butterick 6202 Alice Valentine Fabric and Patterns

Center Left Vogue 2105 Vintage Pattern Market Center Right Little Vogue The Gingham Life Bottom Little Vogue 1676 The Vintage Pattern Market

The Ring Bearer

From Top Left Simplicity 9349 Candy Goeller Patterns NEXT, Simplicity 3330 Old Patterns Top Right Simplicity 4836 The Gingham Life Bottom Left Simplicity 3924 The Gingham Life Bottom Center Simplicity 8116 The Gingham Life Bottom Right Simplicity 1019 The Gingham Life

Last but most definitely not least, Men.

Mrs. Depew Vintage has the ultimate pattern for the Groom, Groomsmen, Father of the Bride and Groom. If you want your wedding to be a high class affair, this will definitely bring it up a level.

Be sure to take some couple's dancing lessons. He will look like Fred Astaire in this Tuxedo, if he can dance like him too, all of the single ladies will be swooning.

If you are invited to a wedding this year, be sure to dress appropriately. Every wedding is different so follow the Bride's lead! Have Fun and to all of you engaged couples heading to the altar, Congratulations!


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Unknown member
May 28, 2023

Such lovelies...I got married in a Liz Claiborne shirt dress and a hat to hide my punked-out hair! Fun fact: I got married in the same house where Simon Le Bon from Duran Duran got married, in L.A.


Unknown member
May 27, 2023

The traveling suit was a must have! I recall in the original Father of the Bride, Elizabeth Taylor called her father from the depot in a lovely tweed (I think) traveling suit.


Unknown member
May 22, 2023

Makes me want to get married all over again! I love those little boys suits. Perfect for a ring bearer!

Unknown member
May 23, 2023
Replying to

I had a gorgeous wedding despite the fact that it was in the 1980s! My dress was gorgeous although it did have big sleeves! Silk gown that fit me perfectly. The benefit of making it yourself!

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