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Necklines - Part I

When choosing a pattern, there are many variables to consider. Necklines are one. We all hear different terms for neckline styles. Some we have never heard of at all. Below are some sketches and descriptions of several necklines that you might choose for work, play, or evening wear along with some patterns showing each of the 5 featured necklines.

This first post includes some of the most basic necklines. Jewel neck: A jewel neckline is similar to a crew but slightly more relaxed around your neck to allow room for a necklace.

The Jewel Neckline was very widely used in the 1950s and 1960s. It was an essential element of the demure dress.

Next is the V Neckline. V-neck: A V neckline comes around your neck to form a point in the front and center. It draws the eyes inwards, deemphasizing shoulders and emphasizing your neck area.

From dresses to tops, the V neck Can be plain, ruffled, high or plunge. T-Shirts - to Evening Gowns, a V-Neck is always appropriate.

The Cardigan Neckline is for more than sweaters. Cardigan Neckline – A plain, round, collarless neckline opening at the front, with or without buttons.

Cardigan Necklines can be found on some shirtwaist dresses as well as, to state the obvious, cardigan sweaters.

Slit Neckline - Neckline has an opening center front.

The Slit Neckline is usually seen in casual garments like those shown below. I would say the Vogue is Casual Elegance.

And Finally, The U-Neckline. U Necklines are similar to a scoop neckline with a narrower opening.

This neckline is another basic, versatile neckline. From T-shirts to Eveningwear, The U shaped neck is ell suited.w

The pattern on your right, has 3 unique necklines. The Red dress shows a wide U neckline.

This Pattern (McCall's 6525) below, has a true U neckline

That's it for this post. I will be doing more necklines, sleeves, and other garment features regularly.

I hope you enjoyed the post!

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