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Little Shops of Sewing Pattern Horrors!

I know, I know it's August. However, October will be here in a blink of an eye. So, whether you want to be frightfully bootiful, or, downright scary I'm going to show you the costume sewing patterns that you can make in time to go Tricking!

What an amazing find! Redcurlzs has this Set of 8 Cards with detailed description of and Pattern Drafts

Royal Ontario Museum

Catalogue of 100 Items in the Exhibit (May 17 to Sept 4 1967

Envelope with 8 Cards ("folders") Costumes for Canada's Birthday Centennial 1867 (Illustrations and descriptions)

Includes a package attached to the back of pattern drafts (drawn to 1/5th scale") Detailed instructions are not included but there is a description of the item and the symbols.

Mrs. Depew Vintage has this awesome 1925 Crepe Paper Costume EBook. There are 60 costumes to choose from! in 40 pages of detailed instructions. The costumes can, of course, be made out of fabric if you so desire. This Booklet can be yours for a very reasonable price.

FEELING POWERFUL? How about a vintage style Wonder Woman Costume? Then Simplicity 8196 is for you and Candy Goeller Patterns on Ebay has a copy waiting for you to snatch it up.

With an authentic 1940s carhop look, Wonder Woman

The Power Rangers seem to never lose popularity. The kids who made them popular are now parents! Hard to believe but I have one of those original kids of the early 1990s!

Butterick 4179 - The WHITE Ranger from 1995 is Cut and Complete in Sizes 4 - 7

In 1994 the White Ranger looked very different as you can see below. Butterick 3678 is UNCUT and fits Sizes 4 - 14. This White Ranger had a lot of Bling!

Both of these Power Ranger Patterns are available at Candy Goeller Patterns on eBay.

Now, those Power Rangers have to save someone don't they? Let's see who I found for them to rescue.

Whether a Damsel in distress as in Butterick 4571 or the exotic Belly Dancers in Atira's Fashions

The rescuers will be busy saving lives on Halloween night. Just remember, wait until they tell you they need to be rescued please!

Snow White seems to always find trouble. What a sweet costume this is. The size available fits Children 28-30 Chest and is Simplicity 7735

The 1980s brought us Rainbow Brite! What Child doesn't want to be this cheerful, magical girl spreading happiness throughout Rainbow Land. This costume pattern is McCall's 9254

and is available at The Gingham Life

Simplicity 8629 is a multi-size UNCUT Sewing Pattern Sizes 6 - 14 a beautiful Cosplay Ice Princess or Fairy.

Kinseysue has this gorgeous dress waiting for you!

That's just a small sampling of the selection of costumes available from our members' shops. Visit soon before the big rush.


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Unknown member
Aug 16, 2023

Love these costume patterns/ideas! Makes me want to have a party this year!


Unknown member
Aug 15, 2023

This is a great selection. Love, love the crepe paper costumes.

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