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Handmade Holidays Using Vintage Sewing Patterns and Supplies

th the economy on everyone's minds, Ii know that my Christmas list is shorter and more handmade than ever before. I have plenty of fabric and notions on hand so all I need is time!

Let;s start with the kids. I love making things for little ones.

Debbie Bliss Baby Style a knitting book for Newborns to 3 Year Olds Knitting Patterns for Babies and Toddlers is full of great knitting patterns! Stop by Redcurlzs and check it out as well as the rest of her shop!

If you are planning an old-fashioned Christmas, you may want to visit

Mrs. Depew's shop. This Holiday issue of Woman's Institute Magazine has decorating, gifts for children and adults as well as holiday gowns.


Many of us are scrimping and trying to get by this year. One way is to make your holiday gifts!

This year's star - Barbie - is bound to be at the top of most young people's lists! It usually is anyway but, with the Barbie Movie's enormous success, the store shelves are bound to empty quickly! Make some unique items for your child's dolls! They will be a hit with their friends! The pattern pictured is McCall's 2123 and is available at The Gingham Life.

How adorable is this mama Kangaroo with Joey? Would any child (or adult for that matter) love to find this Christmas morning?

This pattern is Simplicity 2131 and is available at The Vintage Pattern Market. It is in GERMAN ONLY!

Kinsey Sue on Etsy has this ever-popular classic and hard-to-find Vogue Doll House Sewing Pattern. Vogue 1772 has everything you need to make your dollhouse beautiful. Stop by Kinsey Sue for the details.

Who doesn't want to sit on Santa's lap and whisper their list in his ear?

McCall's 8090 will not only outfit your Santa's Helper but help with the festive decor as well! Head over to

Candy Goeller Patterns on eBay and snag this one before it's too late!

Who doesn't love a big soft doll? McCall's 9362 delivers. Make it look like your child by changing the hair color and style, skin color, and clothing.

You can find this pattern at The Gingham Life.

These are just a few items from our shops. Click on the links below to visit our shops!

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Unknown member
Nov 06, 2023

Thanks for some great ideas! Nothing like homemade or vintage!

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