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Don't Pass on a Pattern

When shopping for patterns, look at some of the "not so beautiful" patterns that have pieces that match your search. For example, if you are looking for wide-leg pants, there are so many patterns from the 1970s with wide-leg pants as one part of the pattern.

Take this pattern from 1973.

Check out Simplicity 5801 pattern from Redcurlzs on Etsy.

The choice of fabric on the pair of pants in the front isn't doing anyone any favors and the tunic reminds me of Star Trek. If you remove the tunic and choose a different print or a solid, you have a decent pair of pants. Just one small change to go. Let's remove the cuffs! There they are - high-waisted, wide-leg pants.

What's the lesson here?

1. Don't let the fabric in the pictures influence you!

2. Only look at the piece that you want to make. The other pieces are visual clutter.

3. Small adjustments can make a big difference!

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