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Collar Types on Vintage Sewing Patterns

We take collars on garments for granted since they are on so many of our clothes. However, collars are an important part of a dress, a shirt, or a jacket as they frame your face. People generally focus on a person’s face, so the style of a collar is important to one’s appearance.

There are a large variety of collars, far too many to illustrate in this article. However, these are some from members of the Vintage Sewing Pattern Directory.

One of the most widely used collar types is the Shaped Collar. A shaped collar is a small, straight collar with squared edges. This can be seen in Vogue 7945 in Redcurlzs shop on

As you can see, it is similar to a Peter Pan collar except it isn't rounded but is aquared instead.

Another widely popular collar is the Peter Pan Collar. They are seen frequently on children's clothing from the 50s and 60s. This is an example of one of those children's patterns available at Candy Goeller Patterns.

My mother sewed our dresses and coats when I was little. I was daughter #3 so most of mine were hand-me-downs but we always looked impeccable.

Next is the Jabot Collar. Redcurlz has a sweater with a jabot collar.

Jabot (JahBow) collars can be seen in many forms. Some, like this one, are fairly plain. Others are very ruffled and full.

The image below, Vogue 8098, shows a Jabot Collar with the waterfall ruffle.

Stop by The Gingham Life to view this and more!

The next collar on my list is the Bib Collar. Looking at the images you can see wh y it was named a bib collar!

The first one is from The Vintage Pattern Market. Very Easy Very Vogue 9332 is an excellent example!

The Bib is very prevelant in this design by Vogue. Interested in this? Click on the image to shop!

This Bib Collar is slighly different with a simple band upper collar and lace edges. This Pattern is going fast! Visit The Gingham Life to Purchase Simplicity 8259

This not only has the Bib collar but a western theme with an open bodice. A very unique sewing pattern for the Rodeo Crowd.

If you like western wear but still want to be girlie, this one is for you.

SewBettyandDot’s shop has several examples of different collar styles.

The first one is one that I hadn’t heard of before I started researching collar styles – it’s a swallow tail collar.

Butterick 5718 has the Swallowtail collar. I put the picture of a swallowtail in since it does bear a resemblance.

What a gorgeous summer frock!

I decided to use a Swallowtail Hummingbird since I knew that Sherri of SewBettyandDot would love it!

swallowtail hummingbird on a branch
© Dave Curtis eBird S39598959 Macaulay Library ML 71071771

Another Vintage Sewing Pattern from SewBettyandDot is Simplicity 2589. A beautiful Bib Collar Blouse with your choice of upper collars. Peter Pan, Standing Ruffled, No Collar, or a Peter Pan with a ribbon Bow. Not only the collars are great on this one! Check out the sleeves.

The Pointed Collar was very popular in the 1940s and into the 1950s. It made an unfortunate comeback in the 1970s as well. I say unfortunate due to how it was worn, not to disparage the collar itself. The Pointed Collars of the 1940s was oversized and could be somewhat similar to the Swallowtail Collar.

The collar on the left is a pointed collar but is also a swallowtail collar. The one on the right is a standard pointed collar. Simplicity 3179 is available at SewBettyandDot

Notched Collars are something that we are used to seeing on coats and on Men's Suits. However, take this beautiful dress with a Notched Collar available at C'est si Bon Vintage and look at the spectacular Notched Collar!

Mrs. Depew Vintage also has a great example of a Notched Collar in this Gorgeous and Rare Vogue Couturier 854 Suit Dress.

The Middy, or Sailor Collar, never seems to lose its popularity for both children and women. Children have been wearing sailor collars since at least the late 1800s. Below are some examples of patterns that feature the Sailor Collar.

This pattern, McCall's 7744, for little girls has an adorable sailor collar version. Visit The Gingham Life to see the details.

Now, I mentioned that Sailor Collars weren't just for children. Here is a fun Playsuit with a Sailor Collar from Mrs. Depew Vintage. Go from the Beach to a Luncheon by adding the skirt. This is a Draft-at-Home (DAH) Pattern. Make any size! Pattern # 5155 Instant Download. (Intermediate Difficulty Level)

One of my favorite collars is the Wing Collar. Sometimes called a Pointed Collar.

The lift that the collar has gives the air of self-confidence.

This collar was at its peak of popularity in the early 1950s.

Old Patterns has a lovely pattern that has cape collar sleeves as well as a stand-up collar.

This lovely Bridal pattern, Simplicity 6940, has a standing collar and a cape collar as well.

Now, I hate to give clues to my age but.. I had a dress in 5th grade very similar to

Dog Ear Collar patterns were popular in the late 60s and early 70s. The collars "drooped" like Basset Hound Ears.

I'm going to stop here since there really is no end to the number of collars. The variety and how they change the entire garment is amazing. Maybe we should do a post and switch collars on garments! It might be fun!

Please leave comments for me. I may have made mistakes.


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Unknown member
May 09, 2023

So many collar types! I feel like there are not quite so many styles used in clothing today...and thank you for the swallowtail butterfly pic--I love it!


Unknown member
May 06, 2023

I wasn't familiar with the swallowtail collar - and I love the picture of the bird to show what inspired the name! Very informative read...thank you!


Unknown member
May 05, 2023

Well done! Interesting account of multiple collar styles. A Nehru is one of my personal favorites!


Unknown member
May 04, 2023

Informative! I love looking at vintage patterns. So many lovely examples.


Unknown member
May 04, 2023

Thank You Ellen for all of your research! I'm sorry I seem to have left off the Cowl

Unknown member
May 04, 2023
Replying to

You're welcome.

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