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1960 - 1964 The Progression of Style

The 1960s were a pivotal time for fashion. The decade began with both full and slim skirts, jackets, and, bows, yes, bows.

In the early 1960s, there were still big skirts with petticoats but there were also dresses that sported slim, fitted skirts. In this post, I will cover the years 1960 through 1964.


McCall's 5415 is an example of the skirts from 1960.

By 1961 the skirts were starting to change. This pattern

is definitely a 1950s holdover. This adorable rockabilly dress is available at The Gingham Life

Pauline Trigère offered this stunning dress pattern, McCall's 5588. This sought-after and, hard-to-find pattern is available for purchase at KinseySue.


In 1961 the pattern companies included both skirt styles in some patterns. Both versions of the dress were given equal billing on the cover. McCall's 5893 is available for purchase from The Gingham Life

This beauty from '61 by Pauline Trigère still features a bouffant skirt in both evening and cocktail lengths. McCall's 6032 is available at Sew Betty and Dot


In 1962, patterns continued to present both a full skirt and a slim, fitted "wiggle skirt. McCall's 6316, below, features the dress with the slim skirt in the front and the dress with the full skirt much smaller. Note the bows. Available from KinseySue


1963 - Still bows - The Slim Skirt is more prominent with two views shown. One with a cropped jacket and one without. Butterick 9730 is available from Sew Betty and Dot

Evening dresses were making a big splash in '63. The lines were slimmer and more sophisticated. Butterick 2867 shows this progression. This Butterick Boutique pattern is available at The Gingham Life

1964 rolled around and the drop-waist dress rolled in with it. The high-fashion look continued to be in fashion for years to come. The pattern pictured is McCall's 7343 and is being offered by The Gingham Life

This highly desirable pattern is Simplicity 5449 also from 1964. The wrap dress was, and still is, a very sought after style. This one is available at Candy Goeller Patterns on Ebay.

Now, I have some Home Catalog Pics to share with you~! These are from The Butterick Home Catalog Fall of 1961.

I apologize for the quality. It's late and I don't have the correct lighting.

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Unknown member
Mar 05, 2023

I really like the patterns which offer the slim or bouffant skirt. The slim versions would be suitable for cocktail parties, which were still popular in the early 60s. Thanks for the journey down Memory Lane!

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