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Welcome to all our fellow Sewists! I check in with the Group several times a day every day so feel free to post day or night!

I am Mary Beth and the Creator of this site and owner of The Gingham Life Patterns on Etsy. I'm learning as I go so if a technical problem crops up, it may take me some time to figure it out!

I started the site to provide small sewing shops with an affordable option for advertising. It has grown from there. There are many parts of the website that I haven't gotten to yet but Groups seemed like a priority since people kept asking!

I do sew although not much these days, I have no time!

Now, I could use your help. What do you want to see in the groups?

Janie Zekkou (Redcurlzs)

Let's introduce ourselves!

I'm Mary Beth and I live in Orange County, in Southern California. I have 3 grown kids one boomeranged back recently - so much for my empty nest. My husband and I both have disabilities that keep us mainly at home which is ok with us since we are best friends.

My hobbies are sewing, gardening, swimming, decorating, family history, and family present. My husband's family is nearby he has 2 nephews and a niece and they have kids that I have sewn for. We love spending time talking to family and telling them the family history so that it will continue on.

Janie Zekkou (Redcurlzs)
Mrs. Depew
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