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I’m Tyna—a true novice. I first sewed in middle school home ec…but that ended quickly. Every decade or so, I get frustrated because I know exactly what clothing I want, but I can’t find it on the racks. That drives me to try again. My sister, Mary Beth (a truly talented seamstress, despite her humble comments), usually gets lots of calls for help during my once-a-decade trials, and is patient and helpful to me (we live 700 miles apart—wish we were closer)! My most recent effort took a lot of tearing out and restarting, but I did finish (I refuse not to) a nice-looking jumpsuit using a pattern from The Gingham Life. Love it….but I overestimated my size 😒. I have it hanging in my closet, hoping I’ll find someone to gift it to!

Sewing is good for the brain, right?

Janie Zekkou (Redcurlzs)
Mary Beth, The Gingham Life
Miembro desconocido
05 jun 2023

I couldn't resist! My Irish "wit" (smartypants) and a cat sewing!

Me gusta
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