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Vintage Sewing Pattern Community

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Hi, Sherri here from Sew Betty and Dot (in San Diego now, from Kentucky originally). I am a self-taught sewist (hate to use "sewer," LOL) and am still really learning by making mistakes. I love to create--I also knit and embroider--and would love to have a mostly me-made wardrobe one day. I am kind of obsessed with patterns and have WAY too many in my personal collection and in my unlisted inventory. I'm fascinated with fashion, the history of the home sewing industry, and women's handwork of all genres. I also spend time watching birds, gardening, and generally faffing about. Nice to have a group of like-minded people here!

Janie Zekkou (Redcurlzs)
Mary Beth, The Gingham Life

I'm also obsessed with vintage patterns!

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