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Hi I'm Janie from Toronto, Canada. I like to think of myself as worldly and sophisticated but I've lived pretty close to where I grew up most of my life and married a guy who I've known since kindergarten. I taught myself to sew in the 80s because I was a fashion nut and couldn't afford to buy clothes from designers like Issey Miyake/DKNY/Ralph Lauren so why not use their patterns instead. I started with Very Easy Very Vogue and those are my among my favourites now since returning to sewing after a long break. I still love fashion but pretty much live in overalls and drop crotch sweatpants. I drool at all of your patterns and imagine myself sewing to be fashionable again. For now, it will be for the couple of new grandkids and grandnieces/nephews I have (all five since Nov2020!). Oh and I love painting, sketching, papercrafts and so much more!!

Mary Beth, The Gingham Life
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