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Vintage Sewing Pattern Community

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Welcome to all our fellow Sewists! I check in with the Group several times a day every day so feel free to post day or night!

I am Mary Beth and the Creator of this site and owner of The Gingham Life Patterns on Etsy. I'm learning as I go so if a technical problem crops up, it may take me some time to figure it out!

I started the site to provide small sewing shops with an affordable option for advertising. It has grown from there. There are many parts of the website that I haven't gotten to yet but Groups seemed like a priority since people kept asking!

I do sew although not much these days, I have no time!

Now, I could use your help. What do you want to see in the groups?

Janie Zekkou (Redcurlzs)
Rebecca Lange
January 17, 2024 · joined the group along with Daphne Hallas.

Looking for a particular pattern?

Use this spreadsheet (in the Media Files) to post your wishes!

Download XLSX

December 5, 2023 · joined the group along with Mary Cargill.
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